Anneke Lucas

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Private consultation:

Many requests have poured in for help, based on subjects I address in my blog, during interviews, podcasts and talks, and my presentations of the Unconditional Model. 

For the past six years have been working one-on-one with survivors of trauma, particularly child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse, in structured, hour-long meetings, offering unconditional presence, and intuitive insight. 

I would love to offer this freely to each person who asks, but I’m afraid that is physically impossible. What I can do is to extend this service to all who wish to have a consultation, to work on any personal matter, to connect to your purpose, to receive clarity on an emotional issue and to return to peace. 

My expertise is trauma, and I understand that no one raised in the Western world escapes it entirely. My extensive journey of healing primarily meant first to accept all the young parts in me that were languishing in pain, loneliness or fear, and offer understanding and compassion for myself. I see trauma and how it writes the script for a limited life, geared towards survival. Fear holds you back from living in alignment with what the universe wants for you. This is what I share: a positive, affirmative reflection of you based on the truth of who you are, so you will be empowered to create change from within. The external changes you desire follow, or they may shift, as you become fully present for your unique, fascinating integration process on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  

Sessions are 250.00 USD and are one hour long, by phone or Skype. Payment by PayPal.

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"There is a supreme sense of acceptance and generosity that flows from Anneke. Her skills are truly amazing. I have yet to find a healer like Anneke. She has an amazing gift of intuition and insight that she shares, as she tailors each session to what she senses are my needs. She is a healer of souls and bodies that have lost their connection to what was once possible." -- S. A.

"From working with Anneke, I am healing and learning to lean into radical self-acceptance in trauma recovery. I leave our sessions amazed at her insight, compassion, grace, and ability to make connections where I saw few or none. She can hear and see me in ways I can't quite do for myself yet." -- M. R.

"Anneke is a true healer, and a true warrior. In connecting with Anneke, I know that she will always be honest with me, will always see me with compassion and acceptance, and will always understand. She values knowing the truth and healing the pain, beyond anything else—and this not only strengthens and inspires me, but it also gives me an energetic invitation to do the same. For some of us, who have been to the depths of the depths of hell and back, when we are shown that healing is possible, it helps me to not give up. In speaking to her, I feel her unconditional acceptance, care, and love. I have benefited so much from her insight and wisdom, and her ability to see right into the core of whatever life circumstance or experience I describe to her. And she also reminds me and shows me that there is a purpose to my life, a purpose to my healing, and that there is meaning in everything." -- N.M.