Oct. 24-25-26, 2018: Three-day Unconditional Model Training in partnership with Anneke Sips and Network Yoga Therapy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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"The concepts of inner power dynamics and privilege, that you presented clearly as forces at work in the world we all live in, are so crucial for critical thinking for all of us at this time. These concepts were also inherent in the story that you shared about your life, and for me, were illuminating.”

-- Lesley Becker


"There has been a whispering in my heart for almost three years now about bringing yoga to women in prisons or transitioning out.  This past weekend I was a part of the Liberation Yoga training workshop and that whisper has since become a constant drum beat that I find myself moving from.  I am a survivor of trauma and the workshop opened up parts of me that I didn't even realize I had closed down. Quite honestly that first evening was hard for me and I even began to wonder, am I ready to do this kind of work?  What will it surface for me that I haven't been able to unearth before? But the following day I felt alive and clean and bright. I know that we are always processing healing. And we only process the pain we are ready to at each stage. The fact that the workshop woke up emotions I long since thought I'd packed away safely is a testament to my healing actually...to my growth.  And to the power and safety of the space that was created."

-- Liz Thompson


It was the most awe inspiring, revealing and transformative training I have ever done. The courage and compassion in the room was beyond my expectations. Thank you!!!

-- Jill Lord


"It is not necessary to be compassionate to do service – the opposite is true: service facilitates acceptance of love, which fosters compassion."

Anneke Lucas