Video interviews

Video interview from article on The Shift Network (80 min.)

Video based on Global Citizen Article (6 min.)

Documentary made for Belgian television, with English subtitles (30min.)

CUNY-TV Digital Series: Greater Good (5 min.)


Podcast Interviews

In the Balance, host Susan Lambert speaks with Anneke Lucas about trauma and the brain, and a personal/global solution to create change. March 25, 2018

J. Brown Yoga Talks, Anneke Lucas returns to speak about #MeToo, the politics of power addiction, and the larger implications for the yoga world. December 4, 2017

Spirit Matters, Anneke Lucas speaks  with Dennis Raimondi and Phil Goldberg about sex trafficking, her advocacy work, healing, and bringing yoga into prisons. July 19, 2017

Yogahealer, The Role of Love in Healing Trauma with Sex Trafficking Survivor Anneke Lucas, with Cate Stillman, July 11, 2017.

Get Real Wirh Aseel, Part 2 of a conversation with Aseel ElBaba, about Muslim Hatred, and moving towards world peace, July 7, 2017.

Get Real With Aseel, Part 1 of a conversation with Aseel ElBaba, about yoga and changing the world, July 5, 2017.

Embodied Philosophy, Anneke Lucas On Being Sex Trafficked, Trauma and Liberation, with Jacob Kyle, August 4, 2016

J.Brown Yoga Talks, Abuse of Power – Liberation Prison Yoga, Writer, Survivor of Child Sex-Trafficking, Corrector of Injustice, with J.Brown, June 20, 2016

The Mental Illness Happy Hour, Pedophile Ring Survivor Anneke Lucas, with Paul Gilmartin, October 2, 2015