My Response To The Skeptics
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It's impossible to read all comments (video linked here) of course - but I do see that many are heartfelt, empathic, strong, and full of understanding. When I started doing the healing work 30 years ago, this would never have been. At that time, the intellectual media treated survivors as whiners or liars. False Memory Syndrome was a hot topic. 

In the comments on this video, those who doubt me or attack me are a small minority, and I have to say, times have changed so much that now the deniers' intellects are not impressive. Those who puff themselves up like authoritarians to attack me are hopelessly irrelevant in their role of internet troll. They might mention I am not specific or don't mention details, while I actually give great detail - but don't name perpetrators. It is lazy thinking to assume that naming names would bring justice, and to use that argument to claim I'm lying implies a degree of narcissism of the commentator at the abuser level. Those who say I'm crazy, sound crazy. Those who suspect attention seeking don't do well for themselves either; I'm not exactly dramatic, and it's easy to guess that if I had wanted attention, there are far less controversial ways to get it. Those who suspect foul because I waited so long to speak out must not have heard my story, which in itself offers so many reasons to remain silent, apart from the death threats. Those who believe it's not possible because they've never heard of this before are saying the earth is flat, or they just discovered the internet and this video was the first thing they saw. Then there are those who suspect I'm doing this to sell something, or to promote my non-profit. And that just makes me laugh, because that is where their mind is at. Then there are these weird ones where people say I'm an actress (one said a bad actress) but the message is important, so it's okay. Couch activists who can't let themselves feel what I say? 

Each person reacts from their own level of emotional maturity. The blanket denial of 30 years ago has matured into sorrow and indignant outrage. There are still many who want revenge, and part of my role is to bring understanding so we can move beyond it - because revenge would only perpetuate the cycle of violence which we are trying to break to create peace through global bother and sisterhood. Once we reclaim our own power, we don't need revenge, because we will be out of the hunter-prey survival world of the psychopaths, and in the empathic world of humans.

Anneke Lucas