My hero: Kim's story

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My friend Kim is going public about her childhood, offered to dark Satanic forces and trafficked relentlessly by her own family. Kim is one who has the fortitude, intelligence and heart to allow her past to serve as a conduit to wisdom and a message of love.

I have never met heroes like the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and sexual abuse that I know. The children who bravely faced inhumane conditions, surviving against the odds, grown into beautiful, compassionate adults who willingly take on the hardship of feeling into the unbearable grief of such a past, living with severe guilt complexes, DID and PTSD while holding down jobs.

There are many so-called heroes out there who supposedly do everything they do for us survivors, so caught up in the noise of their own narrative they can't hear us at all. Most of those involved in the business of exposing, or saving victims of, sex abuse, slavery, sex trafficking or SRA like to toot their own horn. They tell me of the risks they face, dangers they courted by choice, as adults. There are those who listen to use my story, expecting my praise as I help build their platform. Then there are those who ignore me because my appearance doesn't fit their politics. I have a tendency to challenge unspoken buy-ins and mostly have found no unconditional love on the other side :-). A few sincere ones did stay the course. They are my friends and I work with them still.

Survivors are a vulnerable group, and many women are survivors. Our unmet need for the savior who never came to our rescue in the past, is jumped on by many who step into the role - knight for a noble cause - receiving praise and support in the process while the survivors are taken for granted. Anyone who is not completely transparent about their personal motive in their work with or for survivors, is likely to be operating unconsciously, out of their own unresolved trauma. Power addiction is not reserved only for abusive world leaders. Anyone with trauma in their past and low self-esteem is prone to self-perpetuate a symbolic battle against dark forces instead of their parents, covering up secret childhood fears of being bad, insignificant, or not being heard. Survivors will want to follow a cause benefiting survivors, and often end up following a man. Let it be clear: survivors speaking out can be trusted; everyone else better explain what brought them to the work. 

I hope that survivors everywhere realize that the only appropriate way to be approached is with deep respect and awe. I hope you know that anyone who wants to tell your story is receiving gold. I hope you know that anyone who makes you feel guilty is trying to manipulate you. I hope you know that anyone who pressures you to share your story for the sake of the greater good is disrespecting your experience. I hope you know that anyone who implies you are not brave for not speaking on their platform is lying. I hope you know that anyone who expects you to risk your life for the cause is dangerous. I hope you know that anyone who thinks they have something to teach you is ignorant. I hope you know that anyone who minimizes your experience citing the greater good is dissociated. I hope you know that anyone accusing you of selfishness for not following their plan is a narcissist.  I hope that you know that anyone who asks you to put aside all the above and collaborate anyway, is asking you to join a dysfunctional family.

I hope you know that it is your choice to share your story, or not share it, and it is your choice how you share it. Yours alone. 

Thank you, Kim, for your bravery in speaking out. Thank you for your voice, so pure and clear, that will be heard by all those who need to hear it. You are the hero.

Here is Kim's blog post: