An Unpopular Perspective

Age 5

Age 5

As a liberal, I have always felt that I needed to hide my devotion, which is a real part of my spiritual life. I'm going to be very honest in this post, asking everyone who reads it to zoom out from the world and its issues, to detect an imposed agenda, and if possible zoom out even more, to see that this world is not the final reality.

As a 9-year old child I heard the agenda discussed by one of my perpetrators and one of his friends, at the latter's home on Martha's Vineyard - an agenda that we can all observe has made great headway since the summer of 1972 when this conversation took place. I was spoken of as the example that sexualizing children was good on all fronts, and I was described as happy (to be sexual) and well-adjusted.

I've noticed how the LGBTQIA agenda has to a degree been coopted by this agenda. I find that some of the polarization between Christians and LGBTQ is partly because of concern for children, which is a concern that could easily be shared by both parties. When children receive LGBTQIA-backed friendly sex-ed programs in public schools with graphic illustrations at age 5 - what does that really say? It says that the overriding agenda of the perpetrators is succeeding, by using LGBTQ channels for a few reasons. One is to perpetuate the prejudice linking LGBTQ to child abuse (division clouding the agenda) and second, to normalize the sexualization of children (agenda). And so the rift between Christians and LGBTQ remains, even if many Christians are not prejudiced and LGBTQ are not promoting child abuse.

I saw a promotional video the other day of a mother talking about seeing her three year old "really sad" one day. When she asked her boy what was the matter, he said he felt sad because he was a boy. So this parents' solution in that moment was that the boy Jack could become the girl Jackie, from that day forward, and they showed a photo of the child laughing. The parents were portrayed as heroes in this video. Yet, when a three year old looks really sad - one day - and this is what this three year old tells you, there are so many things that could be the cause that have nothing to do with gender identity - that disliking being a boy would be the child's only way to voice a problem which they may not have the language to express. This is also not saying that boys cannot wear dresses if they choose, but to take a three year old at face value is ridiculous, and this madness is coopted into an agenda that has nothing to do with LGBTQ, but hurts children.

To the degree that child sexual abuse can be bypassed by sexual identity and sexual preference - which are often connected - it is another way to further the agenda rolling back progress on sexual trauma healing work. I belong somewhere on the LGBTQIA scale. Am I allowed to draw links between my sexuality and my sexual abuse? Can I freely say that I have no idea how I was born, except innocent?

Whenever an issue makes great headway into the power system, I sit back and wonder what part of this issue could be used for those who control the system through brainwashing. Division must be the single most successful tool, to the point that as a Liberal you can never get into the mindset of anyone who might have voted for Trump. All those people who voted for him are simpletons and racist, anything but full human beings. But in programs I watched that made fun of these people, I heard them talk about snippets of the imposed agenda, ridiculed along with them by the comedians interviewing them. Those snippets contained truth that the media suppresses, and if we don't respect these people and don't listen, we will definitely never know.

Remember the black man who got punched by a white man when he protested at a Trump rally, and in court he shook hands with his assaulter, and forgave him. Do you remember the emotion of the white man? Such is the power of treating everyone with respect and dignity. Such is the power of not using your victimization in order to get revenge, when you can get beyond an eye for an eye. That is what happens when you choose love instead of power.

The black agenda has never had any part that could be of use by the perpetrators who run the show, who want slavery to continue, and without institutionalized racism this will be a hard sell. Already, mass incarceration is a mask to cover the real issue, sold through drug laws, and even as we slowly wake up and realize what this is about, the issue has not quite had the revolution it deserves. This issue cannot be coopted. Racists are successfully brainwashed, but don't think you are not brainwashed because you're liberal. While the issue can't be used, what could be done is to have a few black people sold to the agenda, whose fame and power are to serve as an unrealistic example to the oppressed, to keep selling the American Dream as if it applied to all, rather than that slavery is needed because a money system needs people as a resource, and poverty as a standard.

When I started advocating to get a law passed that might help survivors of child sex trafficking, all doors opened for me, and I got an article in the New York Times after only a few months of work. What was happening that this issue was suddenly a green light for politicians? I found out there are prisons that have nothing but pedophiles locked up inside of them, who receive no programs at all, and that child sex trafficking was becoming the new drug war. I must assume that the powers that be, through government agencies aka the most powerful mafia, want to corner the child sex trafficking market and pocket all the profits. All the little guys will be locked up. There are a few other benefits for the agenda here: we are confronted with horrible stories of child abuse consistently, which is another way to normalize it. In the process of working with politicians and organizations to fight sex trafficking, I learned even more what I already knew: it's all BS. The law I wanted passed, I frankly doubt that it will make a difference in the lives of many children. The main reason I got behind it is because I knew if I had seen a sign with a definition of child trafficking, such as "No child under 18 is a prostitute!" I would have paid attention, because I was told I was a prostitute, and had no idea that this was not my fault. But the legislators want the hotels to choose a poster with a child looking very much the victim, which is exactly the opposite of how I was made to think of myself, and it would not have helped me.

The work that does make a difference is the one-on-one work, connecting from the heart with someone in need. The kindness that you spread throughout the day, especially to those who don't expect it from you. That is the best way to make a difference.

I am coming out as myself today, not so political but committed on the spiritual path, committed to speaking truth and seeking forgiveness for all, including those who still rule this planet with their dark agenda. Harvey Weinstein's perp walk to court brings me no pleasure at all - I've already had my catharsis and don't need revenge. I don't want to be too tightly wound to the physical realm. I want to find my joy from the greater reality beyond, the eternal love and peace that is always accessible to all. It is said in the Hindu scriptures that forgiveness holds this universe together. This is starting to make sense now, because once you open your eyes to the agenda and the dark reality of politics and the darkness that is in this world, what stands out is the moments of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Anneke Lucas