In the system in which we live, privilege is a device to keep all those who have it under the impression they deserve most things others can never attain.

In the system in which we live, privilege is a device to keep all those who have it under the impression they deserve most things others can never attain. We live in a trauma-based system, with the sickest elements - the psychopaths, sociopaths, toxic narcissists etc. - at the top of the ladder. Everyone is traumatized by this system. We live isolated from each other; families are separated and isolated in separate cubicles instead of living as a community in which the children are raised not by one or two people but by at least 10. The one or two people with children cannot be unconditionally present, which, for an infant, poses a life threat and creates trauma. To follow parental instinct is the way of love, and to follow the system, the doctor, the authority, is the way of comfort and power, which covers over trauma and gives you an officially approved outlet to dump your own trauma onto your children.

The way to climb the societal ladder is by keeping all the feelings around trauma repressed, to push ahead, lost in unconscious trauma stories of childish competitiveness and attention seeking and I-me-mine greed. If you start out with a good sense of self, grounded in feeling - with a conscience and worthwhile purpose - at some point on that climb you'll be required to give up your principles. If you are not a full blown psychopath, you may need to drink and drug yourself to numb the awareness, so you can continue to belong to the club. The higher you reach, the more you will be compromised. Some people who cannot believe my story ask: How is it possible that I never even heard of anything like this? Why wasn't anyone caught? Why isn't anyone looking for those dead children? Those are questions from someone who trusts the system as it is, privileged not to be faced with its dark side, who can keep their own shadows at bay. It is more comfortable that way. However, privilege is used as a reward, so on your way up the ladder you can get away with increasingly much, or so it seems. You will be guided and coaxed into breaking laws (it's okay, you are allowed here) and tempted to give in to whatever base impulse, and your actions will be recorded and used against you - your silence bought. The more repressed trauma you have, the more you will be driven to climb the ladder in your need for release from that trauma in dark, illegal actions, quietly sanctioned at the top.

The pedophiles in the network got off on getting away with the most extreme violence pretty much right under the public's nose - banking on the knowledge that no one would believe them capable of these actions because they enjoyed such a respectable status on the world stage. One baron, who always looked extremely stuck up and so arrogant his face was contorted, came to life only when he could perform the ultimate taboo - incest with his young daughter - in front of a crowd at an orgy. That was how he felt a moment of freedom - in the idea that he could get away with it, because of his privilege. And his young daughter, aristocratic herself, accepted sex for love, indoctrinated forevermore into the ways of her class of people. If you're not born into this and try to belong, you will be compromised on your way up.

Many thousands of people know some or all of what really happens, and are too infatuated or too afraid to speak up. When someone does, they are quickly discredited, and if they're too much of a nuisance, killed. Meanwhile many parents have learned to trust their instincts and raise their children with love, and these children are woke. Here is a poetry slam by a 14 year old, Royce Mann, who in his excellent and worthy poem about privilege, says: "It's time to take that ladder, and turn it into a bridge."

M Becker